Quantitative Analysis of stocks

Automated analysis of and predictive insights on a company’s fundamentals - specifically its financials, operating metrics and cash flow

Qualitative analysis of stocks

Automated analysis of and prediction of qualitative factors such as - Industry Attractiveness, Business Fundamentals, Customer Attractiveness, Competitive Analysis, Quality of Management, Risk Factors, Management Actions, and Growth Opportunities.

Valuation and Pricing

Automated real time valuation of stocks using various methods. Compare this intrinsic value to market price and analyst estimates. Predict the return and risk characteristics of a stock.

Market Conditions

Get entry and exit signals on stocks. Understand and predict price movements using:

  • Automated technical analysis and pattern recognition

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Catalyst events such as liquidations, mergers, etc.

Portfolio Management

Create and maintain a portfolio of stocks. Get predictive insights on your portfolio’s performance and risk. Automated back testing on any portfolio of stocks.

Recommendation engine

Get a recommendation on which stock to buy and/or sell for Get personalized recommendations on which stocks to add to your portfolio. Get recommendations on various on portfolio of stocks to invest in.

The Finagic Platform

Get quantitative scores for each Finagic signal. Search and filter for stocks using any Finagic signal.