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At Finagic, we believe that each and every person should be his or her own portfolio manager. Unfortunately, today there is a big divide between the tools that individual investors have access to and those available to institutional investors.

Institutional investors' portfolios are professionally managed focusing on achieving their investment goals; on the other hand, individual investors are sold financial products. The financial industry spends huge dollars on advertising to the individual investor. That "Aggressive Growth Fund" sounds great on paper, but is it actual getting you to your financial goals?

We believe that this gap exists because the financial industry has made investors believe that what they do is really hard and hence cannot be executed on by the individual investor. Individual investors need to be educated, but even if they are, the bigger gap exists in the tools available to individual investors to empower them to make financial and portfolio management decisions.

We do this by using Artificial Intelligence driven insights and recommendations and predictive analytics to help investors reach their financial goals.

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out at hello@finagic.com to contact us to learn more or discuss partnership.

Our Team

We bring over 35 years of experience in finance and technology

Sameer Kapoor

Samir Kapoor serves as the CEO of Finagic. In his role, Samir leads the entire company to achieve its business objectives. Samir, specifically focuses on areas of Business Development, Sales and Partnerships. Samir is also the founder and managing partner of Trillium Wealth Management in The United Arab Emirates. He has spent over 20 years in financial services and has a MBA from The University of Mumbai.

Credentials: MBA (Finance), Cert-PFS (UK), FAIQ (UK), AMFI (India) Member of the Million Dollar Round table - Top of the Table, BE (Engineering)

Kunal Chopra

Kunal is passionate about building and scaling companies. He is currently the CEO of Kaspien (NASDAQ:KSPN), a software and services platform company that partners with brands to grow their businesses on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay among others. Kaspien is headquartered in the Spokane, WA area, has over 150 employees, has done almost $1B in marketplace sales, and has served over 4000 brands.

During his 15+ year career in technology, Kunal has held leadership positions as General Manager at Microsoft, General Manager at Amazon, Chief Operating Officer of eSports betting company Unikrn and as Director of Product at the world’s fastest growing startup at the time - Groupon. He has also consulted with the world’s largest hedge fund - Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest fixed income investment advisors - NISA Investment Advisors, and the world’s top education focused performance marketing company - All Star. He also holds an MBA from a global business school - The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science from Clemson University.

He is also a mentor and an advisor to early stage technology startups through his association with Techstars – a top startup accelerator. Kunal is an angel investor in early stage startups and has authored several books on business planning and execution, career planning and leadership.

Ankit Tandon

Ankit is passionate about helping people make better decisions through data and AI insights.

Ankit has held technical and management positions at Microsoft, Amazon, Bloomberg, and Dell. He has built large-scale, enterprise-grade products used by millions of people globally.

He is also a mentor and an advisor to non-profits in the Seattle area through 501 Commons. Ankit has a B.Eng in Computer Engineering from UT Austin, a Masters in Data Science from University of Washington, and has been accepted to the Harvard Business School MBA program.